Ice Cream

Ice Cream and Dairy Desserts

Early versions of the frozen confection we know as ice cream probably used snow and sweeteners to please the palates in ancient China and the Roman Empire. The dessert made its pilgrimage to North America in
1774, when caterer Phillip Lenzi told a New York newspaper that he would be selling a dessert he had discovered in London called “ice cream.”

yogurt can be a challenge because it curdles
so easily. Make sure to allow yogurt to
warm to room temperature before slowly
heating it.
Low-fat and nonfat versions of plain
yogurt can be used in many recipes that call
for sour cream. The acidity from the lactic
acid creates a taste similar to that of sour
cream, but the texture is a bit compromised.
However, a half cup of sour cream has 214
calories and 21 grams of fat, and the same
amount of low-fat yogurt has 63 calories
and 2 grams of fat. From a health standpoint,
therefore, the texture becomes secondary.
Another option would to be to use
half sour cream and half yogurt.
Because yogurt contains an acid that
can work as a tenderizer, it makes a wonderful
marinade for meats. Tandoori
chicken, an Indian dish, is probably the
most well-known yogurt-marinaded meal.
The basic marinade consists of lemon juice
and plain yogurt.
Yogurt can be used for fruit and vegetable
dips, atop baked potatoes or cold
cereals, or in stroganoff recipes. It can even
replace the sour cream used with nachos or
be added to guacamole to reduce the fat.

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